Board Members

Board of Directors

FDDC’s Board of Directors is made up of tribal members and representatives from key sectors of the banking, small business, community development, and housing community. The board plays a key role in linking FDDC to the tribal governments and to the non-Native community at large. The board is responsible for setting corporate policies and strategies, assisting in fundraising and budgeting, and overseeing the fiduciary functions. All board members have diverse and extensive backgrounds and expertise.

  • Stan Meader, President – Term began 12/04/2016
    • Passamaquoddy Tribe, Indian Township
  • Nichole Francis, Vice-President – Term began 03/15/2019
    • Aroostook Band of Micmacs
  • Catherine St. John, Secretary – Term began 08/02/2019
    • Houlton Band of Maliseets
  • Eric Nicolar – Treasurer – Term began 08/02/2019
    • Penobscot Nation
  • Rosa McNally – Term began 09/14/2018
    • Houlton Band of Maliseets
  • John J. Dennis – Term began 09/20/2019
    • Aroostook Band of Micmacs
  • Clayton Cleaves, Retired Tribal Chief – Term began 01/25/2002
    • Passamaquoddy at Pleasant Point
  • Gabe Paul – Term began 05/06/2016
    • Penobscot Nation

At Large Members:

  • Charles Boothby – Term began 04/27/2007
  • Michael Bush – Term began 01/25/2002
  • Laura Buxbaum – Term began 12/09/2016
  • John A. Moore – Term began 01/25/2002
  • Jeffrey Nathan – Term began 10/23/2009
  • Susan Hammond, Term began 09/23/2005
    • Executive Director, Four Directions Development Corp.

Advisory Board

Four Directions also has an Advisory Board that includes the tribal Chief from each community, as well as experts in state, federal and other relevant programming. The Advisory Board serves as a mentoring resource to management and provides access to funding sources, partnerships, and networks essential to FDDC’s growth and success.