Business Counseling

FDDC’s Business Program was formed in 2003 to address obstacles to economic security faced by members of the four Native American tribes in our state. FDDC has worked to support each of the tribal communities to grow diverse sustainable economic environments with access to capital, education, business development services, information and opportunity.  Overall, FDDC’s business goals are to increase the number of Native-owned businesses, raise the level of financial literacy among tribal members, build the business skills of Native entrepreneurs and attract and leverage capital to Indian country.

Since 2003, FDDC has explored and developed a variety of business development projects and initiatives and have provided financial counseling and referrals to more than 100 Native entrepreneurs. 

One-On-One Business Technical Assistance

In partnership with MaineStream Finance, FDDC is currently offering free T.A. to Native entrepreneurs and small business owners across Maine. Even if you’re just starting out with a business idea, feel free to contact our contracted business counselor to get started working on a business plan, marketing, or developing your business ideas. Additionally, check out our Business Lending and Grants opportunities for more info on possibilities for your business!

For more information on current business counseling services, contact Matt Lewis by phone at (207) 951-3281 or by email at

Artisan-Specific Initiatives

Four Directions is currently working on launching a Wabanaki artisan online marketplace to help artists brand their work and reach a larger audience. Contact Frances Soctomah, Wabanaki Marketplace Coordinator at 207.866.6545 or to learn more about opportunities for artisans at FDDC!

Past Initiatives

In previous years, FDDC developed a number of initiatives related to branding initiatives and cultural tourism as a way to bring funds to Native communities.  These initiatives include our Wabanaki Trails website and voluntourism trips.