Business Lending

Since 2003 Four Directions has provided business financing and development services to Native Americans in Maine in efforts to support business development and entrepreneurship in the Native communities.  We are currently accepting applications for the following programs:

Current Lending/Grant Programs:

PowerUp–In Partnership with MaineStream Finance and the U.S. Small Business Association, Four Directions is accepting applications for the PowerUp Program. This program provides small grants to entrepreneurs, and small business owners (with 10 or fewer employees) seeking to purchase technology-related equipment and software. Participants will complete 10 hours of technical assistance training in business planning and technology topics. 

A limited number of $500 grants (for income-eligible business owners) are available through this program.

The PowerUp intake form and business plan (required for application) are provided below:

Business Loans of up to $50,000–Four Directions is also offering larger loans of up to $50,000 for Native business owners and entrepreneurs in Maine. If you have an established business and are in need of financing, please contact FDDC for more information. Individuals with property on- or off-reservation are encouraged to inquire.

For more information on FDDC’s business program, contact Matt Lewis by phone at (207) 951-3281 or by email at