Asset Building

FDDC offers Native-focused training and counseling to build the financial capacity of Wabanaki people and provide support toward financial goals. Our goal is to create informed borrowers and consumers and our services emphasize debt reduction, knowledge and skills in money management, financial products, and credit building.

Financial Counseling & Housing Counseling

For those who are not quite ready to purchase a home, or simply interested in improving their financial situation, we offer a wide array of services for tribal members and their families seeking financial resiliency (the ability to recover financially from unexpected life events). Our services are offered in a one-on-one counseling format, as well as in a group workshop setting. We bring these services directly to the five tribal communities, and are also available for consultations via telephone and email. For more information about our financial counseling, group trainings, and free tax preparation services, click here.

Business Counseling

In partnership with MaineStream Finance, Four Directions also provides free business technical assistance for tribal members throughout the state.