Housing & Financial Counseling

Homeownership Counseling

FDDC staff meet in person and over the phone with applicants and borrowers to provide pre-purchase, post-purchase, and delinquency counseling. In pre-purchase counseling, staff offer specific guidance tailored to the individual’s needs to overcome obstacles or address concerns in the home buying process. Staff analyze the individuals’ financial situation, assess their ability to qualify for a mortgage, develop an action plan to overcome barriers, and review the many aspects of the purchase and financing process.

FDDC’s post-purchase counseling is also tailored to the individual’s needs, but focuses on three components: finances, home maintenance, and building community. Staff work with borrowers to develop household financial management strategies, maintain and repair their home, and strengthen their involvement in the community.

For those borrowers in need of delinquency counseling, FDDC staff work with the borrower to review their income and expenses, create realistic spending plans, and develop and implement workout plans and loan modifications as necessary.

Credit and Budget Counseling

FDDC’s credit and budget counseling prepares clients for the responsibilities of borrowing, assists in building positive credit and, when needed, corrects delinquency issues on an FDDC loan. When an applicant has a low credit score, we will require completion of credit counseling to obtain a loan.  

Financial Education

Tribes throughout North America and Hawaii have been practicing resource management skills for generations, ensuring the survival of their people. Our financial education workshops build upon and reinforce traditional values and knowledge:

Awareness of resources


Budgeting resources, and

Using innovative new tools to maximize resources

The curriculum seeks to connect people’s ancestral experience with the acquisition of new skills. Each session uses Native resource management skills as the foundation. New financial skills are introduced in a way that builds off of these traditional values and skills.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

In partnership with the IRS and Maine CA$H (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope), FDDC can provide income tax assistance to tribal members living in Maine. Our services are free for households earning less than $66,000 per year.

Tax clinics are held in each tribal community and taxpayers can file on-line anytime during the tax season at: www.myfreetaxes.com/. Taxpayers can also find tax clinics throughout the state by calling 211.

FDDC has helped over 420 Wabanaki filers access over $300,000 in Earned Income Tax Credit refunds.


For more information on FDDC’s financial counseling and education courses, please call Rachel Mathieson, 207.866-2019 or our office at 207.866.6545.


Here are some useful online resources that may help with managing finances, budgets, and payment calculations:

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